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Hand lotion for Dry Skin NORTHWOODS NATURAL

Hand Lotion by Northwoods Natural comes in two sizes and six essential  oil
and /or natural fragrance oil 
Coconut and glycerin (A paraben free preservative)
Use on Dry skin as needed

****Rosemary Lavender * New England Shores * Karma* Almond****
                        ****New Hampshire Lilac * Vanilla Spice****
Large pump bottle 8oz
small bottle 2 oz 

Sizes 8oz




Dip Dishes a great gift from Kennebec River Artisans

Light Green , Deep Water Blue and Slate Teal Blue in Background

Serving a great dip recipe from one of these  dishes is a good idea ! Holds a lot of dip these dishes
2 in high by 4 1/2 inches across.Comes with a wooden spreader. See Recipe below for a great dip idea.
Garden Garlic Dip by Common Folk Farm

Garden Garlic Dip
Add 1 TBLSP of mix to eight oz of sour cream or yogurt 
That's right just that simple!

Dip Dish - $ 20.00
Garden Garlic Mix -$4.00

MADE IN MAINE                                  Shipping  $8.00
Use drop down list to purchase

colors and Mix

Mussel Shells pottery dishes

Mussel Shells by Hockomock Pottery

A touch of the ocean can be collected right here with pottery mussel shells of Pearl White, Sea Foam  Green or Dark Water Blue
2.5 inches by 4.5 inches

 Made by Hockomock pottery

Made in Maine                               $10.00 each                                 shipping    $6.00

Colors of Mussel Shells
Fish Cutting Board-Light fish dark background  Cherry ,Ash and Oak used 
Fish Cutting Board- Medium dark Fish with light background  Oak ,Ash and Padouk
Fish Cutting board- Dark fish with light background Cherry, Oak and Ash
These beautifully crafted cutting boards are 8 inches wide by 16 inches long . They come in different color woods . Cherry,oak and ash . The color of the different woods are the color of the fish !
We can ship one easily , click on the button below and chose which color you would like
Made in Maine                             Shipping $10.00 each    Temporarily out of Dk with light fish - two other colors available right now -1/22/14

Colors available

SeaWicks- hand poured candles on the coast of Maine

SEAWICKS candles  in jars and tins

These are new candles this year . In the latest colors on the labels and wonderful scents. 100% Soy
All come in either a jar or tin
JARS-22.00                                 Tin-15.00                              MAINE  MADE                    Shipping    $6.00


Bee Line All Natural Face Skin and Lips products with Honey and Beeswax

BEE SMOOTH-Shaving brush and soap in a salt glazed dish for women and men

BEE SCRUB-Sugar scrub with Organic beeswax and shea butter
Lavender and chamomile for relaxation

BEE SILK -Rich restorative cream 98% natural and rich emollients
Moisturizing dry skin

BEE COOL- Mist for stress reliever , BEE SPARKLING- Olive Glycerin soap, BEE KISSED- is a perfect lip soother

BEELINE............It's all the Buzzzzz!
We carry this all natural body care products made from honey and beeswax

Bee Smooth Brush-$16.00 
Bee Smooth Soap and dish- $25.00
Bee Scrub-$17.00
Bee Silkcreme-$21.00
Bee Cool Mist- $14.00
Bee Kissed Lip-$8.00
Bee Sparkling soap- $7.00

Bee Line Honey products

Wood Cutting Boards at Kennebec River Artisans

Light shade Cutting Board $48.00

Medium Shade Cutting Board -$48.00

Dark Shade Cutting Board -$48.00
The Board measures 8 inches wide by 16 inches long . Several different nwoods were used to create one board . Oiled and food safe this board is used for cutting or serving from. We can ship this board .See selection below . Wood comes in a dark background color, medium or light.         $48.00 each
Made in MAINE                                                                                           Shipping $15.00 each

Select Background color

Shells ,sea glass and starfish with mirror in three frame colors

Click on picture for larger picture of Shells sea glass and  starfish Mirror

Miroor with collection of shells and starfish  framed at the top  9.25 x  23  inches

Mirror and collection of real shells  starfish and sea glass are framed in a blue wash paint frame   or green wash painted frame or white wash painted frame. Lovely distressed wood has a fresh beach look.Chose from our three colors Washed Blue ,Washed Green or a White wash.  Measures on outside 9.25 x 23 inches    $74.00 each

Made in New England                         Shipping  $15.00 each

Shells and Sea glass Mirror

Scented Balsam room spray and Balsam Butter

Three scented sprays and balsam butter

Room spray  of three scents " Lavender and Balsam ","Lemongrass , Ginger and Balsam "and "Clove ,Sage and Balsam"in 2oz spray bottles for $6.00 each
Balsam Butter is a smooth shea butter with a balsam oil scented  $14.00 a tin
Made in Maine                                                                         Shipping $4.00

Balsam sprays

Black wrought iron hooks by Scottish Lion

Black iron hook with a twist large Hm-sp by Scottish Lion

Heart iron hook -HM by Scottish Lion

Iron hook plain HM-rd byScottish LionAt the shop and here we offer hooks by the Scottish Lion Wrought IronSee button below to order


Bubble plate by Hockomock Pottery

Green Bubble Plate by Hockomock Pottery , Becky Poland
 These two plates are 6inches by 10 inches long and are available. They are one of her most popular plates . They can be easily shipped . we recommend them for entertaining and also make a wonderful gift .
See button below
Maine Made                       $12.00 s/h
Hobbit Blue by Hockomock Pottery, Becky Poland   

Bubble Plate Colors

Wood Coasters are sold with a holder set of four

set of four wood coasters " Hearts"
Set of four coasters " Waves "
Made in Maine                               Shipping $5.25

Wood Coasters styles

"Mermaid holding a pearl "framed wall hanging

Mermaid holding a pearl is a framed wall hanging in a base relief with a white smooth finish. The pearl is glued on. Frame comes in a green /blue color . It measures 7 in square. Hanger on back allows you to hang in either direction. Made in Maine. $36.00 plus $10.85 to ship

Shop online with Kennebec River Artisans

Here we have updated the site with products ready to ship from the store.You can place your order by clicking on the picture and using the safe secure payment system through Paypal. We can ship your order within 3-5 days . Thank-you for your support of Maine and New England Artisans.

Wood spiral bowls

blossom  wood votive -$25.00

Square wood votive-$25.00

Cut wood  in different designs with a votive candle in the center . Different designs are called "blossom"  ,"square" ,"spiral" or "weave" all measure 3 inches high by 5 inches across and come with glass votive  candle holder and white candle. Packaged in its own box and labeled with made in Maine label with artists name.This is a ready made gift!
Use drop down list to select your votive candle holder .

top vie of "weave " votive candle holder
MADE IN MAINE                                                     Shipping $6.00

Votive styles one size

Garden Fresh Designs on Flour Sack Towel New Dragonflies! also Tomatoes ,Carrots,Crabs, Lobsters Fish


l to r-lobsters,blue fish,tomatoes,blueberries,red crab

NEW !!! DRAGONFLIES on Garden Fresh Towel

Garden Fresh Designs are printed here in Maine on cotton Flour sack toweling. Machine washable . They come in several designs- Blueberries,tomatoes, blue fish, blue crab, red and blue lobsters,carrots and a red crab! See button below to purchase  one.
Shipping $3.00                                                 Made in Maine


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